Saturday, April 9, 2011

SSS Salary Loan - A first timer's story

I've been a Social Security System contributor for the past 11 years of my life. I first got my SSS number when I started working for fast food restaurants way back in college to help me with my daily expenses. Now, I've been working professionally for 6 years and I thought - "why not avail of the salary loan so I can exercise my right as a responsible SSS member?". So I immediately corresponded with our HR Department on what to do and what requirements that I'm gonna need.


Photocopy SSS Digital ID
3 affixed signatures

So since my SSS ID application already celebrated it's first anniversary at the SSS office (Yes, it's been a year), I sent SSS an e-mail (and thank God they know how to reply) and asked when my ID will be delivered. Here's their reply:

Dear Ms. Burayag,

This has reference to your query on your SS ID.

Per latest verification, your ID card is already for printing. However, as we are still testing our newly acquired SS ID machines, we cannot give you yet a definite processing time for SS ID generation. Rest assured that your ID will be mailed to you as soon as it is generated.  

For direct access to the generation status of your SSS ID and other information on your membership, please register at MySSS through our website: .  For assistance on registration, please e-mail Ms. Arcel Carlos of the Service Delivery Program Management Department at .

We apologize for any inconvenience the delay has brought you.

Thank you.

Very truly yours,
Elizabeth C. Reyes
Branch Head, SSS Diliman

Yes! That's how those printers take long to test! A WHOLE YEAR!

So, in lieu of the SSS ID, these are the requirements that I needed to prepare:

2 Valid ID's - passport, driver's license, TIN ID, Voter's ID, PRC, etc.
3 affixed signatures

I was able to secure 2 valid ID's and gave a photocopy along with the E6 claim stub to our kind HR personnel and she said that she will update me when SSS replies. But the problem didn't ended there. Lo and behold, SSS can't process my loan application because they said that my SSS number is TEMPORARY.
Yes, after 11 years of working my sexy butt off and giving them my monthly contributions, this is what I get.

How come that they didn't told me about this when I applied for my ID? (insert furious reaction here)

So to sort this all out, I need to personally go to their office, smile at their lazy personnel, ask around for instructions, wait in line to get a number, wait for another ten years for my number to be called and present my NSO - authenticated birth certificate (which will only take minutes) to get the SSS number verified. then update our HR personnel that it's already verified.

All that just for a loan application which you are entitled to. So, what gives? Are your SSS numbers permanent?


  1. good thing that you have applied for sss loan at least nalaman mu na di ka pa verified.

  2. Yet this agency has the guts of asking for an increased amount of contribution from members.

  3. Talaga? I never knew may temporary SSS number pala. The one I've been using now has been my SSS number since I first applied for it. But I've never tried taking a loan out pa. Hmmm, might do that one of these days kasi baka magamit pa ng iba. Hehe!

    Ohhh... bloghopping here from GT!

  4. hala! labo naman nun! kaya nakakawalang gana ang mga governement chuva eh, kapag bayaran magaling, active pero kapag ikaw na kukuha ng benefits mo, waley na! Tsk Tsk!

    -- from GT! :)

  5. Yay! 6 years and temporary pa rin?tsk..tsk.. eh how come they were able to process your digitized SS ID? pasaway talaga yan mga govt. institution na yan! btw, momofthree here from GT!

  6. omg? really? sarap warlahin ng mga yan ha. ang gagaling magkaltas ng contribution tapos pag benefits time na, daming requirements! kakahighblood!


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