Sunday, March 24, 2013

Glamour Crabs Buffet

On our last day in Davao City, we indulged ourselves by eating a lot. Thus the visit to Glamour Crabs Buffet located along Padre Gomez Street which is not far from the city center.  (Trivia: This is our first buffet together! We are not really buffet patrons as we feel that we don't get our money's worth hehe!) But a CRAB BUFFET? Who says no to that?!?


I heart a lot of celebrities come here whenever they are in town

They were still closed when we arrived and we waited outside under the 31-degree heat for around 15 minutes (nope, we weren't ushered inside despite the fact that there were also 4 persons waiting comfortably in their air-conditioned dining area). Anyway, here are the restaurant's interiors:


Now, the food:

Rice, Fried Chicken and supposed-to-be Crispy Shrimps
Mango and seaweed salad / kinilaw na tuna
Chopsuey, Bistek and Grilled Tuna
 (you know what it is)
 assorted pastries and Pinoy delicacies
 fruits and fruits with milk

We expected quite a lot in this so-called crab buffet. We thought that we're gonna be able to eat fresh, steamed crabs and not crabs swimming in turmeric sauce. I actually had just one serving of crabs as the seasonings were too strong that it sates you quickly (quite a sneaky technique eh?). Don't get me wrong, I know I am not an expert when it comes to buffets like this but after thorough research, (which I regret not doing prior) there are many buffets in the city which serves numerous crab dishes as well as just the regular steamed ones. Their Crispy Shrimp was supposed to be eaten whole but they were already beyond their serving time and they were too gummy! I mean, we were the first customers to be there and the food was not even warm.

I won't nag any further because I know you'll get tired of it so I'll just leave you thinking if you want to go or not. 

Tip: their fried chicken is so good that they should rename their buffet "Fried Chicken Buffet" instead. 
Hasta luego!

Overall experience: 2 out of 5 skulls

Glamour Crabs Buffet
Padre Gomez St. 
Davao City 8000
Tel No. (082) 222 0045

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